once me and my friend put 12 tea bags in one cup and then made tea shots at 2 in the morning


#food #alcohol ??? im so confused


watch this #important

once i got up too early and i baked a cake. it was like 5am i think

that sounds like an excellent start to the day


Me at 2 am: I should bake a cake


but can we get #whereislavernecox to trend on twitter? because thats the only social media site the mainstream seems to listen to these days. 

tweet @TIME with why you admire ms. cox and use the hashtags #TIME100 #whereislavernecox



can we maybe…. not make a joke out of the erasure of black trans women…. especially those of us who are white and/or not trans women…..

i didnt think about this and definitely didnt intend it to detract from the issue or make light of it; i was intending to express my displeasure and frustration with the time 100 but i can see how it comes across as making light of it and im really sorry about it, thank you for bringing this to my attention

thank you for responding. i can definitely understand being frustrated and it’s absolutely an outrage for time 100 to exclude her after the clear support she received, but it’s also really important to remember that while the erasure and demeaning of black trans women is an awful thing it still directly benefits those of us who are white and cis or dfab trans and it’s not something for us to make light of, even if our point is to illustrate an injustice.










how the fuck is that fabulousandthick guy still on tumblr I’m so fucking mad and now he’s going by a different URL can’t we do something uuugggghhh

yep, he’s following me as nyccreativedesigns, and I messaged…

Really, darlings. He’s just trying to brighten peoples’ days and show them that he appreciates their beauty. There’s no need for all this hate.

When you’ve been asked multiple times to stop reblogging peoples pictures and adding commentary about how attractive you find them, you’re not brightening anyones day, you’re invading their space and disobeying their wishes.

It’s creepy and unacceptable. 

The only way to fully stop people reblogging your pictures is by not posting them.


Complimenting someone isn’t creepy, but okay, I’ll just go with it for now and take into account that it’s hurting you guys…but either way: Once you post something online, it is totally available to the public for them to do what they will. You can’t stop that unless you stop posting.

stop defending the harassment of women.. it is perfectly easy to not violate people’s boundaries and women shouldn’t have to be afraid of posting selfies because gross men are going to sexualize them


People in the area: PLEASE be careful. These people are armed and police do not seem to care much about this issue. (Surprise, surprise).


step 1. kiss bird i guess

People need to stop acting like working out in order to look conventionally attractive to society is an honorable, praiseworthy thing OR a shameful anti-feminist thing.
this was from the person who made a long post about how sad it is that people are shipping steve rogers and bucky barnes