last post im making about this until ive read more and calmed down a bit:
all the sources i am finding that claim unequivocally that synthia-china blast is a child rapist and murderer also call her a man and use phrases like “quest to medically feminate” (seriously wtf) when talking about her transitioning
if you have Any doubts that this is about transmisogyny please consider this

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wait ok sorry synthia-china blast is latina and not black i think? ill edit those previous posts

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vintage fawns // $20


vintage fawns // $20



ok ok im NOT a furry, but lets say i was, hypothetically,

in lieu of, we can use other donation websites


It’s a simple google search away, but, in case you need help, here are a few sites you could use instead:


paypal, which everyone knows (but it usually has a monthly $500 withdrawal limit)


GiveForward, which even gives you a list of reasons to…

god ok im gonna try and focus on this orientation meeting and calm down a bit

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i tried really hard to like the beatles and felt ashamed when i didnt because everybody likes the beatles. this has been a metaphor for compulsory heterosexuality

seriously take note of how every time a white cis artist rapes someone it’s always called “alleged” even when the victim testifies over and over but a trans woman of color can be charged with #rape on circumstantial evidence based on the testimony of a bystander who later rescinds the claim and she is viewed as Guilty
pay attention to this

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'sides which sooo many beloved cis white celebs are Literally pedophiles. anne sexton sexually abused her teenage daughter but she's still a Feminist Hero for being white and tortured and cis lmfao

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yeah im still supporting laverne and soo many people were really obviously Waiting for some bs reason they could say “well i wanted to like her but now she’s Problematic” like don’t pretend there aren’t a fuckton of people who are fucking delighted they can call one of the most prominent trans women of our age a #rape supporter

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