All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do.

im so excited for despair fever, what the hell

wtf. wtf. im emotional about twogami socializing and chatting normally with the other students. wtf

Some, particularly Togami, wondered aloud why no food had been provided at the festival itself - but while Hinata would have liked that himself, he shuddered at the logistical nightmare of trying to set up a fryer or barbecue outside.
the obvious solution would have been to eat teruteru’s fried and breaded corpse
Togami nodded, then turned to look at Hinata. “Were you looking to be in the picture?”
“Oh - sure, okay.” Hinata walked over and sat down near Togami. He was unsure of what either of them expected him to do - throw up a peace sign, maybe? - but as Togami did nothing, neither did he.
hinata misinterprets twogamis invitation to cuddle
Really? But I thought you guys were like this.” Owari twisted her pointer and middle fingers together. “Don’t friends always get in each others’ business?
Well, well, look at that.” Hinata tensed at the sound of Owari’s voice - he’d almost forgotten that she was watching, too. “I didn’t think she’d get that far that fast, did you?
i like that hinata and akane are watching ibuki and twogami spoon
That’s true. But everything that you consider important to your understanding of yourself…each part of that works as hard as every other.” A sudden softness had entered Togami’s voice, and he looked rather distracted, focusing neither on Mioda nor on the fireworks. “You have a unique and valuable identity, Mioda. I would advise you never to let go of it.
As they greeted him Hinata happened to see Togami out of the corner of his eye; with a double-take he saw that he was staring at Mioda, slack-jawed. “Togami?” he said, but Togami did not appear to hear him.
it’s love, right
she won their heart with song
Thanks for coming this evening!” Mioda’s microphone squealed loudly, but she spoke right through the noise. “The name’s Ibuki Mioda! One time when Ibuki was little she threw a firework into the neighbor’s bush and no one ever knew it was her! But even now Ibuki can’t walk past there for fear of curses!
fucking hell